Crazy for Men’s Camo

Camo Collage

Seriously though, I am crazy for men’s camo.  I bought my brother the Docker’s Alpha Khaki’s when I was back home in NJ and then recently bought my boyfriend the Alternative Apparel camo print baseball tee AND I am dying for my very own camo bow tie!  I am loving all things camo for men and since it’s right on trend I wanted to share some great pieces your boy should be wearing.

  1. Mr. Bathing Ape Camo Blazer : $349.50 (check out this Public Opinion Camo Print Blazer that will is also an awesome price)
  2. Asos Desert Boots in Camo Print: $70.16
  3. Alternative Apparel Camo Baseball Tee: $42.00
  4. Target Camo Tee Shirt: $9.99
  5. Herschel Supply Co. ‘Pop Quiz’ Backpack in Woodland Camo: $70.00
  6. Ivy Prepster Camo Bow Tie: $39.97
  7. Bill Adler 1981 Reversible Belt: $29.50
  8. Alpha Khahki Docker’s: $64.00

A few important things about camo: 1. Use it a neautral base, 2. Do not overdue it, 3. Never wear camo below the knee cargo shorts, I am dying with the thought!  Although I think all of the items above are great pieces, if I find your man wearing them all at the same time you’re both in serious trouble!  Small doses people!

What you should know.  The Alpha Docker’s are a great deal and a really nice fit, but they run small!  Might need to size up!  Same goes for the Mr. Bathing Ape Camo Blazer which I LOVE.   It’s an Italian cut and runs small and although still pricey, it’s %70 off!  The Alternative Apparel Baseball Tee is incredibly might buy it for your boyfriend but end up keeping it for yourself instead.

Men should think of camo as a neautral base that can be worn with anything!  My favorite pairings are with chambray, navy and pink!

Let me know if you have any styling questions and stay tuned for tutorials!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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