Knicks Style








Tee: Junk Food, Shirt: Lush,  Jacket: B.P., Skirt: Forever XXI, Shoes: H&M, Hat: All Saints, Sunglasses: Carrera, Ring: Forever XXI

I am at it again!  Another Junk Food Clothing contest and I love it.  You might remember my last Junk Food looks from my Freestyle and Jets Girl Gig posts.  Hope you like this one!  I am going to a Knicks v. Clippers game March 17th and even though it’s over a month away I am seriously stoked; ESPECIALLY after they lost to the Clippers yesterday at the Garden.  A Victory next month in LA will be pretty sweet.  I’ll probably wear this exact look to the game because I love the idea of wearing a collared shirt, leather skirt and heels to a very male dominated arena.  All the more reason to dress up when everyone else is dressing down!

Will let you know when the contest goes live so you can help me win!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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