Shirt: J. Crew, Shorts: J.Crew, Tank: Hanes, Shoes: Union Bay, Hat: Fair Weather

This was one of my favorite summer looks.  Colorful, light, comfortable and totally effortless.  I love how the checkered shirt looks with the spotted shorts.  Tying the shirt at the waist just adds to the relaxed and playful look and the hat assures you will look cute no matter what summer humidity might be doing to your hair.

*Ladies, please note that these shorts should not be worn in any way if you are using your looks/clothing to try and pick up a man! I believe my boyfriend’s exact words were, “what the heeeellllllll is going on with those shorts?”  Followed by something about getting involved in a paint war and looking like I lost.

I of course continued to wear them all summer because I think they are fab.  And that’s why you should dress for yourself and no one else!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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