Took some photos while driving en route to Brooklyn this morning. Foggy, foggy, FOGGY!  Love this picture of the Verrazano.  Can you find the Empire State building in the second photo?  It’s hidden in there! *Note:  I do not text and drive!

This morning at the studio has been great! I arrived early which meant I had time to get coffee and breakfast all set up before everyone got here.  Literally, a Box O’ Joe converted me from production assistant degenerate to production assistant all star.  Everyone loves me today, it’s terrific!  

One of the men we are interviewing for the History Channel special is Dr. William Calvin a Theoretical Neurobiologist and professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington.  He’s written several books and was featured on the Today Show.  

Dr. Calvin and his wife Catherine arrived on set and since we were not yet prepared (production ALWAYS runs late) I played tour guide and took them around the area.  Kind of ironic since I am new to the area but since I have raved about it and brought my camera with me today you can imagine my excitement.  Only took a few shots but hope you enjoy!

Cheers to tree-lined streets, bike paths, and having fun in Brooklyn! 

Miss Zias

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!


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