So I’m in Brooklyn again today and because of my gps confusion (went over the Verrazano Bridge TWICE this morning) and ridiculous traffic (It took me an hour to travel 9 miles on the BQE) I’m not as…well, let’s just say I’m pissed.  

Besides having to pay that bridge toll twice ($26.00) and deal with the Mexican man in the next car over winking at me the entire hour on the BQE and then having to listen to bitchy producers complaining about how “they were in desperateeeee neeeed of coffeeeee” this morning (my tardines delayed their caffeine intake) I am mostly upset that I can not enjoy this beautiful weather!  

I decided that since I am in a studio for the next few hours where you can’t even see a speck of the outside world I am going to use my mind power and convince myself that it is winter in New York.  To help me do this I am going to post a few pictures from one of my trips to NY this winter.

Above you will see a couple images from Central Park, one from inside the gorgeous Guggenheim and one of speeding cars (I wish I was driving that quickly this morning..or that one could be my getaway car)! I really love the picture of the homeless person sitting under the Bethesda Terrace Arcade.  The ornate interior and detailed tile work is an ironic backdrop for someone who probably has very little. 

Bundle up, it’s cold outside!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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