Corner of N. 12th ST. and Driggs Ave.

To continue on my shpeel on why I love Greenpoint/Williamsburg I am uploading a few pictures from my trek to Dunkin’ Donuts.  It’s never fun being a runner but at least you get out of the studio and can enjoy a walk outside.  I’ve always been the type to stop and smell the roses and I’m gonna do it even on a run…just a little quicker than normal! 

ANYWAYS…on the corner of N. 12th ST. and Driggs Ave. there is an Eastern Orthodox Church which you can see above.  I love the domes and the Russian Orthodox cross.  I really started appreciating the architecture of different churches while I was living in Italy and now I can’t help but observe.

Diagonally across from the Church i spotted this old school bus with rugs and couches that sported a printing saying, “LADYCOPNYC.COM, THIS BUS RUNS ON VEGETABLE OIL.”  I snapped a picture and came back to research and it turns out that Lady Cop is a super cool indie/rock/electro band!  The foursome formed in NYC and have one full length album, Waves which released in September 2010.

Lady Cop, photo by Alexis Stember

The band currently tours the US on their converted school bus which really does run on vegetable oil!  They have a new EP releasing this May and will be touring the east coast with “Cats and Cats and Cats,” a four piece from London. You can watch some of their videos here!

Oh, and hope you like the picture of me and my granny cart!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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