This is Plati, the land that I’m from!  My mom was born in this tiny village on the island of Lemnos in the northern Aegean part of Greece. It is one of those places that changes every time I visit but is still completely the same from the first time I ever went.  The type of village where everyone knows yours business.  Seriously, you can’t do anything without hearing about it from someone else later on, normally from someone over the age of 60.  The type of village where you are somehow related to everyone around you, one way or another.  Oh and the type of village where you are either awoken by roosters, the Priest’s morning prayers that play on speakers throughout the village or the noise of yelling grandmothers. And yes, that goat is my neighbor.

It is an old fashion Greek village at it’s best…with a slammmiiinnng beach.  Plati beach is really beautiful with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming, fishing and boating.  There are now several beach bars which make the sand a pretty hoppin place to be.  You can enjoy a frappe in the shade while listening to the top summer hits.  There are also tons of beach sports such as water volleyball and water polo and if you are ready for a great work everyone loves a game of racquets. 

Back in the village you can hang out in the square all night long where the Island famous Sozos Taverna is open until late (especially since Greeks don’t sit for dinner until around 10/11 pm).  The square is filled with people eating, drinking and dancing all night long, all summer long.

I love Lemnos island, but especially Plati village because I think it epitomizes what is most important in the Greek culture: family, food, music and the sea.

All my cousins in Greece traveled back to the island for Easter and I wish I was there with them!  Xristos Anesti!

Cheers to fashion, seeing the world and always having fun!

Miss Zias


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